“We are only alive because we did not make Jesus gay and black,” Porta dos Fundo members say a year after controversy

Late last year, members of Porta dos Fundo became embroiled in a controversy over the Christmas special called “The First Temptation of Christ”.

For those who were not present, the plot accompanies the celebration of Jesus’ 30th birthday and has sparked revolt within the Christian community for portraying the Son of God as a gay character.

On occasion, the actors were severely criticized and the headquarters of the artistic company suffered an attack which resulted in a fire, destroying a large part of the premises.

Besides being gay, Jesus was portrayed as a bad character in the special … But what is shocking is that the critics weren’t targeting his behavior, but his sexual choice.

A year after the incident, team members pondered the issue in an interview with Uol.

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Antonio Tabet, one of the group’s founders, said the damage wasn’t just worse because they didn’t put Jesus as a black man on the stage.

“I’m sure they only dropped the bombs on Porta because Jesus was gay in last year’s stage. I think we are only alive because Jesus was not gay and black; otherwise, it would be even more bombs, ”he said.

For the year 2020, Porta dos Fundo has decided to dodge religious controversies and focus on political issues.

This time, the special prepared by them was called “ Theocracy in Vertigo ”, in reference to the documentary “ Democracy in Vertigo ”, directed by Petra Costa in 2019.

The references aren’t just in the title, as events such as the impeachment of President Dilma Rousseff (PT) and the rise of President Jair Bolsonaro (without a party) have also become jokes in the plot.

However, they decided to make the new special knowing that the production would generate as much intrigue as the predecessor … and they took the opportunity to include lines related to last year’s controversy.

Fábio Porchat, one of the best-known faces of the group, said that:

“I don’t think we were easy. Gregorio Duvivier’s character says he is a “seated” God, a “queer” God. Last year, the revolt of some was due to homophobia. It says a lot more about the people who revolted than about the special.

He continued:

“” The bomb was well made “,” I want to make fun of Roman mythology “,” if Jesus returns, I will kill again “. These are sentences like the ones we received. I put a lot of ‘minions’ sentences [no roteiro], terraplanistas… There are a lot of references in the clip that ends our special.

Despite the scare of 2019, the artists said they weren’t afraid to continue to tackle topics that might strike the minds of even the most critical.

When asked if they are considering ditching the 2020 special, everyone said NO.

Actor João Vicente de Castro has said that the sadness of living in an intolerant country is far more striking than the fear.

“The events made us more sad than afraid, because we live in a radical country… There, it has been proven that people are very crazy. But we never thought about not launching the special. We have always loved this cherry at the end of the year.

Despite the fact that the Netflix catalog did not arrive this year, the president of Porta dos Fundo, Christian Rôças, clarified that:

“We chose to take the Netflix special and bring it to our channel in accordance with the platform. It fits more with our channel because that’s really the DNA of the brand, as it’s time to reinforce what Porta is like a tone of voice.

Directed by Rodrigo Van Der Put, “ Theocracy in Vertigo ” presents Petra Costa, Emicida, Thati Lopes, Clarice Falcão, Daniel Furlan, Emicida, Gabriel Louchard, Hélio de la Peña, Marcos Palmeira, Raphael Logam, Renato Góes, Teresa Cristina , Yuri Marçal and Marco Gonçalves, among other artists.

The premiere is scheduled for tomorrow, December 10, on the Porta dos Fundos channel.

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