We picked the funniest movies of recent years

Comedy is not easy to do. After all, what may be funny for me may not work for you. Thus, it becomes almost impossible to appeal to all types of audiences. Aside from that, there are those films that use a type of humor that isn’t adopted by everyone: incorrect humor or particular humor.

In this new list, we have decided to bet not only on one type of humor, but on several.

For the making of the list, it has been included comedies, high censorship, incorrect humor, acid, comedies that work on the basis of the reference, mocking and also more adult humor and more. sober, which draws laughter from the strangeness of real situations. Well, it can be said that there is comedy for everyone. Precisely for this reason, relax on the comments and if a list item (or maybe everyone) is not your type of humor, let us know below what your favorite comedies are, which made you laugh without braking. We also recall that the film collection is only focused on the last five years. Come and see.

Criticism | I got you! – Warner strikes again in comedy after ‘Game Night’

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We started the list with a brand new article. Game Night debuted in theaters around the world in the first half of 2018, and has gained enough comedic prestige to be among the funniest movies of recent years. With Rachel McAdams (who hadn’t been this fun in a long time) and Jason Bateman as a very competitive couple, the long bet on high censorship, violence, some incorrect content, but also many references when it comes to taking his mood. Grace comes here with another genre added to the mix: suspense. Although hilarious, the work still bets on a certain mystery, in which it is not known exactly what to believe, what is really going on and that thriller-like, adrenaline-pumping sensation is the ingredient that makes it so. work well.

Here’s another kind of humor on the list. The movie The Room (2003), produced, written, directed and played by the character Tommy Wiseau went down in history as one of the worst of all time. Long before the hype recently raised, The Room was already an urban legend. New interest in the job – which is so bad it’s good and hilarious – was sparked when actor James Franco decided to play Wiseau and create his homage to the iconic bad movie. Artist of Disaster is about behind the scenes at The Room, and that’s where he gets all his grace. Being caught behind the curtains of this real disaster is a very funny experience and Wiseau’s figure alone is strange enough to let his bizarre behavior go unpunished.

We now have an animation on the list. At first glance, it might seem strange to have one of the funniest films of its kind, however, a second look is enough to realize that Feast of Sausage is far from being a film for the little ones. On the contrary, this is an animation for adults, with maximum censorship, so don’t even think about showing it to children. With the pornographic spirit of Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg behind the script – the same as the lewd Superbad: É Hoje (2007) – Feast of Sausage is incorrect, violent and extremely wicked. The film focuses on food erotica and all kinds of inappropriate humor. Foods, including sausages, snacks, crackers, breads, potatoes, and more, find their terrible fate: to be eaten by humans. Thus, they begin a journey to salvation. Even religion is not immune to jokes. It is certainly not for all audiences and those who are easily offended should go far.

Now we come to an item on the list that is part of the subgenre known as ‘mock documentary’ which is also used a lot in comedy. It’s a fake documentary, created with the sole purpose of making people laugh. Here, for example, a film crew has access to the privacy of a vampire clan, closely following their daily life and routine. All kinds of creatures of the night that we have known in the cinema are represented in the film, from the oldest like Nosferatu to the European classics (Dracula type), reaching the new generation. Simply hilarious, the film by Taika Waititi – who also participates as an actor – will never have you confronting leeches in the same sober way as before.

Director Shane Black has his own kind of humor: smart, quick, and sour. The comedy in the director’s films is in the details, which you often don’t even catch on a first assault. Smarties are taken that permeate the dialogues and even the narrative, removing the humor from the situations, without having to appeal to exaggeration or the scrotum. One of the best examples is contained in the detective comedy Beijos e Tiros (2005), a union of genres that the filmmaker knows well and knows how to dose like no one else. Black repeats the dose in Dois Caras Legal, going back to the 1970s and playing with the crime and noir subgenre. Plus, he joins a highly unlikely, highly effective comedy duo – Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling – working on a timed basis. Dois Caras Legal is a roller coaster of laughs that really deserved a sequel.

Another quirky movie on the list, which performs way beyond several reported comedies. This Argentinian production is what we can call the definition of black humor, reflecting everyday situations that we pass without realizing it. The theme here is our pent-up inner fury – mirroring that moment when we wish to send everything and just explode with the stupid everyday things that we have to deal with. Filmmaker Herman Damián Szifron creates six short stories in his collection, varying in the level of madness, to represent our daily dissatisfactions. One of the most adopted cult works – off the big movie radar – of recent times, Relatos Selvagens is simply hysterical, using a very unconventional type of humor. Who can forget the terrible and visceral fight caused by a traffic divergence that ends in a “romantic” way, the “bombita” engineer and the craziest marriage in the history of cinema. Shoot it, Néstor!

Another animation is gaining space in the list. A Lego Adventure (2014) could very well have found a place here, as it turned out to be one of the funniest and most unlikely animations of recent times. However, we prefer to choose its derivative, which goes even further in the humorous vein by revealing as never before the mythology surrounding one of the most emblematic figures of the audiovisual industry, the guardian of Gotham, Batman. Not even in the playful 1960s series, the character had been the butt of so many jokes – the series even got a laugh here too. Everything we think of the hero, all our doubts have never been answered, comes into play in this hilarious animation, which proves much more effective for fans of the character, who know all his mythology and his various incarnations in the cinema and on television. Nothing is free in the feature, not even the hero’s relationship with his nemesis Joker.

It is the end

Let’s get back to the mood of Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, which may not be recommended for everyone. However, there is no question that they are two of the most prestigious comedians today, whether you like the type of comedy they like or not. Over here, we love it! Of course, not all friends do is gold or it works. However, in addition to the Festa da Salsicha animation (2016), we decided to choose this apocalyptic work as the highlight of their mood. Generating a lot of hype at the time of its release, due to the mystery that hid its plot, É o Fim plays with metalanguage by bringing in a group of actor friends who interpret themselves and by taking the concept of internal joke to a level colossal. Mixing with other genres, such as terror and doomsday fiction, is the special spice for those who enjoy these types of movies as well. It’s worth mentioning that it’s also a highly censored comedy – like all duos – so expect jokes beyond the acid, uncomfortable, sexual, and bad language permeating the work. Among the already iconic jokes: Jonah Hill chased by the wrong thing and an Emma Watson we’ve never seen before.

It’s no wonder that comedian Amy Schumer has become a big sensation in the United States. Discovered by Judd Apatow, the actress left the stage and made her big screen debut with this feature film – which unfortunately did not reach our cinemas. Despite Apatow’s direction, Descompensada is an entirely Schumer film, as the blonde signs the script and stars in her own jokes. This is exactly what was missing from his next films, since Viagem das Loucas (2017) and Sexy por Acidente (2018) had no lyrics of their own. In order to achieve the status of her debut, the actress may have to go back and start writing again. In the feature film, she portrays many modern, individualistic and career-only women. There is no place in your life for relationships and sex is casual. From this extremely topical scenario, Schumer makes himself and takes a lot of humor into everyday situations, which we all know firsthand.

Another very prestigious actress today, Melissa McCarthy began her television career as a supporting role. Her turning point in cinema came rightly served by director Paul Feig in Missão Madrinha de Casamento (2011), in which she was nominated for an Oscar – trust me! With each new job, the game between the two was high. Next come As Bem Armadas (2013), with Sandra Bullock, and finally Caça-Fantasmas (2016), which unfortunately turned out to be the director’s least satisfying partnership with the actress. In the midst of this, Feig and McCarthy hit their peak with The Spy Who Knew Less, a very fun game with the genre of spy cinema, which hits the right notes and with great intelligence subverts many concepts in the formula. The protagonist, for example, is a bureaucrat who is fortunate enough to act on the pitch for the first time and becomes the butt of many jokes due to her appearance as a “cat lady.” Plus, we also have tough Jason Statham making fun of his tough character and seeing the craziest character of his career.

Okay, Deadpool is a superhero movie. But it is undeniable that it is the funniest of its kind and since 2016, with the first film, it has also broken down the barriers in the comic part. With its high censorship, the mood is for adults, most below the waist line. The sequel manages to elevate the concept even further, becoming a real machine gun for jokes and gags, all aimed at pop culture. No one is safe and the atmosphere is so fast, inserted between the dialogues, that new visits are necessary to capture everything that is happening on the screen. Much of the comic is taken from Deadpool’s interaction with the two new characters, Cable (“are you so dark, are you sure you’re not from the DC universe?”) And Domino (the “black and black widow”) – which we want to see in an upcoming movie, creating a hilarious new dynamic with the anti-hero.

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