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When it comes to animation, most people already think of Pixar or Disney movies. However, there are other studios that manage to create works of equal or even better quality than the more well-known rivals. Today’s nomination, we’ll be bringing five DreamWorks and Nickelodeon films that, while fun and / or exciting, did not become a box office phenomenon and ended up being forgotten by a large part of the public. Ah, good to say: all the movies listed here are available on Netflix. Check!

Spirit: The Indomitable Mount

Released almost 20 years ago, Spirit is a short story about the old American West, but forget about those battered plots and drunken gunmen. The objective of this film is the friendship between a wild horse and a young Indian captured by the American cavalry. Together, they must escape and find a way to stop the so-called “civilization process” from advancing, which has deforested and destroyed everything that awaited them to install the railways and create the cities. One of the most amazing parts of this movie is that the protagonist is the horse. In other words, he does not speak. Then the staging leads the plot with the facial and bodily expressions of the protagonist, with a one-off first-person narration by Matt Damon and the original songs, which were performed by Paulo Ricardo in the Brazilian version. It’s a different film, but a fantastic one.

The secret of animals

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Leaving a serious story starring a horse, we now move on to a crass comedy about the anthropomorphic animals that live in a secret society in the barn. Like a toy story, but with cows and chickens instead of toys. The farmer just has to stop looking at them and start dancing and singing and buying things on the phone like there is no tomorrow. However, even with all this frenzy, the leader of the group, Boi Ben, tries to train his son, Otis, to take his place as leader of the group and take responsibility for dealing with any problems that still arise. As this generational clash of responsibility or fun takes place, a group of coyotes attempt to take control of the chicken coop. This movie is a lot of fun and can thrill too. Sometimes it even looks like a Seth Rogen movie starring cows. Don’t get carried away by the strange appearance of the animals, this is a worthy story.

The Adventures of Peabody and Sherman
The most recent film on this list is a great adventure through the history of mankind. Based on an old animation, The Adventures of Peabody and Sherman is about a genius dog who is one of the biggest names in science in the world. However, when he adopts a human boy, he has to face the prejudice that the boy will suffer in school and try to show little Sherman that that shouldn’t define him. But things get out of hand when the boy brings a coworker home and the couple end up stepping into the time machine Mr. Peabody uses to talk to the greatest smart people of all time. With very peculiar humor, this plot looks a bit like Shrek trying to subvert icons from human history in a very funny way.


Adapting the theme of the Old West to the present day, Rango is a bang bang animated film starring a lonely, abandoned lizard with illusions of grandeur – and huge personality deviation – played by Johnny Depp. After falling from its aquarium in the middle of a boiling road, the reptile begins to wander in search of a direction and ends up arriving in a small town that is going through a serious water crisis. As an actor, the Lizard incorporates a personality of Clint Eastwood to gain acceptance and become the area’s new sheriff. Along with other animals, he goes out behind the tracks that will lead them to an epic water duel.

The prince of Egypt

It’s not common to see Bible stories adapted into children’s entertainment on a big budget, mainly due to the religious plurality of the world and how this can be reflected at the box office. But in the early days of DreamWorks’ animation industry, the studio banked on several different story types, including the adaptation of the Christian Exodus to the life of Moses, the Jew raised as a prince of Egypt who revolt against the regime itself to free the Hebrews. of Pharaoh’s slavery. With an impeccable Hans Zimmer soundtrack, this animation bathes most of the adaptations of the same Bible book and has a beautiful execution.

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