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Every week we are bombarded with dozens of productions arriving in the catalogs of major streams, making it difficult to keep up with the debut of each one. Come to think of it, CinePOP has separated the top five movies that premiered in March through this weekend (March 13-14) so ​​you can marathon or pick some to watch over those two days. . Check!

Blind spot

Released in 2018, this film marked the debut of Carlos López Estrada, until then a music video director, in the direction of cinema. Starring the nearly unknown Daveed Diggs and Rafael Casal, Ponto Cego follows the life of Collin, a boy who witnessed the murder of a man at the hands of the police and who ended up being traumatized. Trying to make the most of his final days of probation, he tries to live his life, but moments of terror come and go through his mind. Along with his best friend Miles, Collin continues to work for the moving company, when issues from the past and embarrassment over changes in the city of Oakland come to haunt him. This movie is an amazing, fun, heavy-duty drama at the right time.

Where to watch: Telecine


Critical and box-office success from director Jordan Peele (Run!), This Strange Terror is a great metaphor for American racism, social inequality, and xenophobia. “Ah, but will they seal again?” Calm down, young complainant. Chances are, you won’t fish for references at first, especially if you’re not one of the people affected by the issue the feature is addressing. The Terror Building takes place with a black family heading to the lake house to have a seemingly relaxing time. However, they are soon surrounded by a family of clones of themselves, but with monstrous looks and an indescribable urge to take the place of the “originals”. Amid scary moments and a FANTASTIC scene to the sound of NWA’s Fuck Tha Police, the biggest highlight is the brilliant performance by Lupita Nyong’o, who plays both the protagonist and the villain. Our beloved M’Baku from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Winston Duke, also does an amazing job here. It is a most interesting terror.

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Where to watch: Amazon Prime Video

A prince in New York 2

One of Eddie Murphy’s biggest hits in his long theatrical career was A Prince in New York, released in 1988. Now, more than 30 years after the original, Amazon has invested in a sequel to bring the prince back. Akeem (Murphy) at the “Big Apple.” Far from the genius of the first, the sequel manages to amuse and will appeal primarily to fans of the 1980s film. In the plot, Prince Akeem is forced to choose his successor to the throne of Zamunda. So he travels to New York, where he reunites with a son raised during his 18th century adventure. Now your mission is to introduce you to the culture of Zamunda and prepare for the succession to the nation’s leadership. The coolest thing about this silly comedy is seeing the return of pretty much the entire cast and the extremely entertaining performance of Wesley Snipes stealing the show. Ah, since both movies are on the lineup, you can even make a small franchise marathon.

Where to watch: Amazon Prime Video


The eleventh film in the franchise, Halloween (2018) was released 40 years after the original and functions as a direct continuation of the first film, ignoring all that mess of the other 9 feature films. The story is quite simple. After four decades in prison, the insatiable Michael Myers escapes prison / sanatorium at a Halloween party to complete what he has failed to accomplish in the past: killing Laura Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis ). Except – now – “Vovó Strode” was no fool and spent all those years setting traps in the house, practicing shooting and using various melee weapons. So with two more generations of “Strodes” Laura will try to get revenge on the psychopath in the best style. They forgot about me, but with more blood, tension, wanton killings and violence. Filming.

Where to watch: Netflix

Treasure planet

Released in 2002, at a time when Disney was a bit lost and beaten by Dreamworks and Pixar in theaters, Planeta do Tesouro is one of those underrated films that few people remember seeing. Combining 2D and 3D, this steampunk adventure presents the story of Jim Hawkins (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), a troubled young man who finds a very rare map of a treasure that is desired by people across the galaxy. He is attacked by space pirates, but ends up joining them to find the treasure. When Disney + arrived in Brazil, many people wondered about the absence of this animation in the catalog. Well, it took a long time – and it took a virtual campaign for that – but it is finally present in the service.

Where to watch: Disney +

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