Weekend tip | Comedy “ comic ” for those who want to laugh at the horrors

This weekend, nothing better than having options to clear your head and have fun for a few hours with a humorous film, right? And since the absurdities of reality have proven to be hard to compete with, this list only contains movies that explore absurd situations to make you laugh. Check out!

The Dictator – Amazon Prime Video and Netflix

Launched in 2012, The Dictator features Sacha Baron Cohen as Aladeen, the egocentric dictator of a fictional country who has the noble mission, he says, to take democracy away from his nation.

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The Anchor: The Legend of Ron Burgundy – Amazon Prime Video

The film tells the story of Ron Burgundy (Will Ferrell), one of the main anchors of American television news, even though he is a complete asshole. He lives the life he asked God for, until he begins to be threatened by another reporter in the house who can take his anchor. With his monstrous journalism team (read it as you please), he begins to compete for the best stories.

Everything for a Hole – Netflix

The pursuit of Ron Burgundy legend leads him to years of loneliness and depression after being fired from the newspaper. However, when the opportunity arises to debut the first 24-hour news channel in history, it brings together the best of the worst teams in the world to once again revolutionize controversial American journalism. The film is a parody of American journalistic content over the years, so it has very good reviews, but what really holds it back is the completely clueless humor.

Superbad: Today! – Netflix

A classic of teenage humor, this film tells the story of a crazy day when three teenagers mad about catching someone before school is over are invited to the last big high school party. They’re in charge of buying the drinks, so they forge a bogus driver’s license and absolutely EVERYTHING goes wrong. Other than McLovin (Christopher Mintz), he’s even having fun.

White Girls – Netflix

If you are Brazilian, this film does not need to be shown. A classic of reruns, As Branquelas is one such international failure, but an almost inexplicable success in Brazil. In the plot, two troubled FBI agents (Brothers Wayans) attempt to get their jobs back by solving a case involving a wealthy American family. For this, they disguise themselves as two high society sisters to enter the business. The problem is, nothing works and they end up in a lot of confusion.


Borat: Next Film Tape – Amazon Prime Video

Released almost by surprise by Amazon Prime Video this year, Borat’s sequel was more understated than the original, but still loaded with Sacha Baron Cohen’s distraught humor. However, unlike the other films on the list, this one has its greatest merit in the social critiques it gives, although it can laugh at the absurdities of reality portrayed in the feature film.

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