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The weekend has arrived with the big debut of the month for HBO Max. From new and old films, CinePOP has selected five adventure, fantasy and fiction feature films to be seen in major streams. To verify!

Dune (HBO Max)

The big start of the week is the already classic Duna, by Denis Villeneuve, which was in theaters a short time ago, arrived on HBO Max to be viewed at no additional cost to subscribers.

A sci-fi classic, the new adaptation brings an absurd and enduring production to bring to the big screen a work that was considered by many to be impossible to adapt. In the plot, a family of space monarchs are sent to manage Arrakis, a desert planet, where they extract the universe’s most precious substance. However, after several political maneuvers, the young Paul Atréides (Timothée Chalamet) must find a way to survive the coup in the middle of the desert.

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101 Dalmatians (Disney +)

Classic for children of the 2000s, the 101 Dalmatians are celebrating their 25th birthday this Saturday. So, nothing better than seeing him again to celebrate.

The film follows the Dalmatians misadventures of Roger and Anita, a simple couple who really love their dogs. Life was peaceful until Anita’s boss, Cruella De Vil (Glenn Close), came up with a plan to kidnap her little puppies to wear their fur in a coat. Then begins an adventure that has enchanted generations.

Jumanji: Next Phase (HBO Max)

Sequel to the sequel / reboot, Jumanji: Next Phase brings the four friends back to the dangerous virtual world of Jumanji, where they will have to face off against a barbarian who has stolen the stone that guarantees the livelihood of an entire people.

The difference is now Spencer’s grandfather and his former best friend, played by Danny DeVito and Danny Glover respectively, end up accidentally being sucked into the game, occupying the strongest characters without understanding exactly what they’re doing there. . With this “booster” for seniors, they will have to survive the vagaries of the game to meet the challenge and come back to real life.

Bumblebee (Netflix)

Now radiant in Gavião Arqueiro, Hailee Steinfeld made her first appearance in this kind of more “pop” adventure in Bumblebee.

This prequel / reboot shows the arrival of the cute little yellow robot on Earth in the 80s. Upon arrival, he is confronted with the military, but finds himself in the hands of a girl who was crazy to have her first car. Taking the form of a fluffy yellow beetle, the robot and the girl will have an unforgettable adventure as they flee the army and face off against the Decepticons.

Player # 1 (HBO Max)

Marking Steven Spielberg’s return to fantasy films, Player # 1 is an adaptation of the eponymous book about a world dominated by Oasis, an immersive video game in which players can choose any pop culture character to take on a variety of challenges. challenges.

In this world, Wade Watts (Tye Sheridan) is a financially struggling boy who, fascinated by the game, begins to unravel the three challenges that the creator has hidden in the different worlds of the game. The one who completes the first three inherits his business.

Filled with references, nostalgia and classics of 80s music, Player N ° 1 is a fun adventure.

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