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The weekend is perfect for taking a few hours, disconnecting from the world and enjoying a good movie. Among so many options that streaming offers, it is sometimes difficult to choose a production to watch. That’s why we’ve handpicked five movies from different genres to help you decide what to watch. Check!

Stomach (Netflix)

With João Miguel and Babu Santana, Estômago is a masterpiece of national cinema, which tells the story of Raimundo Nonato (João), a man from the northeast who settled in São Paulo in search of a better life. Very quickly, he got a job as a concierge in a restaurant, where he discovered his culinary talent. With its delicious coxinhas, Raimundo puts the restaurant on the menu. However, he ends up falling in love with a prostitute and ends up getting involved in a very serious crime. Arrested, he tries to use his cooking skills to survive in prison.

Bumblebee (Netflix)

A reboot of the Transformers franchise, Bumblebee tells the story of the cute little yellow robot arriving on Earth in the 1980s. He comes as an outlaw from the War on the Decepticons and soon meets a young fan of the Decepticons. cars (Hailee Steinfeld), who goes to hide it from the government and the intergalactic villains. All this while developing a great friendship with the cutest alien bee in movie theaters.

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Once upon a time in … Hollywood (Amazon Prime Video)

Written and directed by Quentin Tarantino, Once Upon a Time Hollywood is a fable about aging that recreates the days before the murder of Sharon Tate (Margot Robbie), from the perspective of Rick Dalton (Leonardo DiCaprio), a former star of Hollywood frustrated with her career downfall and her eternal double, Cliff Booth (Brad Pitt), who is frowned upon by a ghost from the past. It’s an incredible but slow-paced drama that might not be right for everyone. However, it’s a shoot, especially for old moviegoers.

Din and the Dragon Genie (Netflix)

Produced by Jackie Chan, this 3D animation is a Chinese retelling of the classic tale of Aladdin. In the plot, Din is a humble boy who grew up in an ordinary Chinatown, having only one friend. Over time, the friend’s father received a proposal for a better life and had to move in with his daughter. Years later, as an adult, Din plans to reunite with his best friend, who has become the most wanted model in all of China. Along the way, he finds a teapot that contains a wishing dragon. The problem is, such a great power attracts the attention of the bad guys. So, Din will have to use a lot of kung fu and dragon magic to defeat the baddies and find his best friend.

The War of Tomorrow (Amazon Prime Video)

Blending action and fiction, A Guerra do Tomorrow is that typical blockbuster for disconnecting from the world and enjoying a series of absurdities and explosions unfolding onscreen, while Chris Pratt does this Chris Pratt face that pleases the public so much. In the plot, homicidal aliens invade the Earth of the future. Losing in stride, humans in the mid-21st century begin to recruit people from the past to aid them in warfare. In this, a biology professor (Chris Pratt) is called in to aid in the final assault on the aliens. Will this give him time to save the future and ensure the survival of those he loves in the past?

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