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Tension is one of the most difficult things to create in a movie. It depends on many factors: a good text, a good performance, a good atmosphere and above all a good direction. Tension helps many horror films establish themselves as classics, but it’s not just in terror that it stands out. The feeling of danger, adrenaline, suspense, of being able to expect the unexpected … In short, knowing how to work with tension in the cinema is an art that few people master. Therefore, we have separated some movies available on streaming platforms for those who want to have a nervous time this weekend. Check out!

Klan Undercover – Amazon Prime Video

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Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay of 2019, this Spike Lee film masks the tension with sarcastic humor, but not for long. In the plot, a black Colorado policeman (John David Washington) who manages to infiltrate a Ku Klux Klan cell to investigate the crimes and, interacting by phone, forces the group’s leader (Topher Grace) to create a “friendly” relationship. ”With him based on hatred of blacks. Extremely current, the feature film also features Adam Driver, Laura Harrier and Alec Baldwin in the cast. It’s a real punch in the stomach, mainly because it’s based on a true story.

Exemplary Girl – Netflix

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Directed by David Fincher, this crime thriller tells the story of a couple in crisis who, after a perfect start to their marriage, ended up disconnecting. But it all falls apart when his wife, Amy – in a spectacular performance by Rosamund Pike – goes missing on her wedding day. Nick (Ben Affleck) enlists the help of the police, however, with the media presence and outside pressure, he ends up becoming the prime suspect in the disappearance. Now it’s up to him to find a way to prove his innocence and try to find out what happened to his wife. The film is full of twists and turns and seeks to reflect on several things, such as the spectacularization of current events and relationships.

Until The Last Man – Amazon Prime Video

Winner of the Oscars for Best Editing and Best Sound Mixing, Even the Last Man is one of those cases where everything comes together to work. Directed by Mel Gibson, who was in Hollywood, and starring Andrew Garfield, who came from the failed Spider-Man franchise by Marc Webb, the film managed to extract the best of both to tell a story so surreal it will make you doubt. that it was based on an actual event. In the plot, Garfield is Desmond Doss, a Christian doctor who has a way of life in his faith. After the attack on Pearl Harbor, he enlisted in the United States Army to help save lives. However, he refuses to touch a weapon and kill enemies. This provokes a revolt among the soldiers, who begin to humiliate him and subject him to situations of physical and psychological violence so that he gives in to the pressure. I’m going to stop here so as not to give away any spoilers, but here is the tip of this video on Faith, Persistence, and Ideals.

Shallow Waters – Amazon Prime Video

After her mother dies, a medical student – played by Blake Lively during her lifetime – travels to the Mexican coast to relax between the sand and waves of a deserted beach. In the water, she sees a whale carcass approaching. In this moment of distraction, she ends up being attacked by a white shark. Wounded, alone and surrounded by the predator, she must find a way to get to the beach before the tide rises. The film brutally shows the young woman’s struggle for survival and works the tension brilliantly.

The Hated Eight – Amazon Prime Video

Directed by Quentin Tarantino, the film won the Oscar for Best Soundtrack. As usual in the director’s films, the dialogue is very crisp, even on a slower and more intimate plot. Everything is unexpected in this western, starting with the landscape. Instead of the heat of the old west, the cold of the American winter comes in. During this snowstorm, a bounty hunter (Kurt Russell), who takes a criminal (Jennifer Jason Leigh) in exchange for a lot of money, decides to roll two passers-by, another bounty hunter (Samuel L. Jackson ) and a new sheriff (Walton Goggins). Only the weather gets worse and they decide to stop at a roadside warehouse to rest. Inside, things get weird and all the guests are showing suspicious behavior. Since all of the characters are morally hateful and disgusting, every move or dialogue is strained. The cabin is like a barrel of gunpowder waiting for a spark to explode.

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