Weekend tip | Movies for all tastes in the main streams

In the last few weeks, some very interesting features have entered the main catalogs available in Brazil. For this reason, we have selected five films that will appeal to different tastes. Check!

The Mitchell family and the uprising of the machine

Scheduled to hit theaters, the film was purchased by Netflix and, after many delays, was finally released to the public. Written by the director of the young hit Gravity Falls, the film tells the story of the Mitchell family, who set off on a trip to take their eldest daughter to college, but ends up having to deal with the machine revolt along the way. .

The film is in the Netflix catalog.


Starring Margot Robbie, this dramatic thriller tells the story of a man who dreams of leaving his current life in Texas, but ends up meeting an injured thief who will change his concepts. Divided between handing over the woman to earn the reward or helping her escape, he becomes enchanted with her and ends up becoming personally involved in the plot of the crime.

Anyone who wants to watch it can find it on Amazon Prime Video.


The most different movie in the DC Universe, Shazam! tells the story of a struggling orphan who is taken in by a foster family, but who continues to try to escape to find his real mother. However, in one of his confusions, he ends up being called by the magician Shazam, who chooses him to replace him. With powers, the boy becomes an overpowered adult and will try to figure out what it is to be a hero.

Shazam! is available in the Telecine catalog.

Enjoy watching:

Raya and the last dragon

Released in theaters and streaming, Raya and the Last Dragon was available at no additional cost in the Disney + catalog. In the plot set in the mythological land of Kumandra, Raya is a young descendant of the leader of her community. They dream of the day to unite people again. However, all of the other rulers want a Dragon Jewel kept there, which sparks a great conflict. After being attacked by evil creatures, Raya sets out to find the last dragon, who legend has it to be hidden nearby. And so a magical and awe-inspiring adventure begins.

The film can be seen on Disney +.

Without remorse

Based on the work of Tom Clancy, Without Remorse is set in the universe of Jack Ryan, relating the story of former assistant John Kelly (Michael B. Jordan), a former Marine who begins to do missions for the CIA . Full of action, this is a fun flick for those who love those movies full of gunshots, violence, and a badass protagonist.

Without Remorse is on Amazon Prime Video.

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