Weekend tip | Oscar nominees in Streams – Part 1

The year has already turned and soon the Oscar race begins. With the strengthening of streaming, some of the movies that we would normally only see after the rewards are now available with one click. With that in mind, CinePOP has selected five strong Oscar contenders who can now be watched on major streaming platforms in Brazil. Next week we will name five more. To verify!

King Richard – Create Champions (HBO Max)

The week’s first debut on HBO Max, King Richard tells the story of the victorious Williams family, who have dominated world women’s tennis in recent years. However, it comes from the perspective of King Richard (Will Smith), the focused father who used his special training to transform young Serena Williams into this sporting legend. Smith’s performance is the culmination of this drama about persistence and racism in sports.

To the beat of the heart (Amazon Prime Video)

Also known as CODA, this drama enjoyed great success overseas, but reached Prime Video without much fanfare. It tells the story of a family made up of deaf people. The only exception is young Ruby, barely 17, who hears perfectly and uses her to help her parents with their business. So when she starts to dabble in music, discovering her love for this world, the family business begins to have problems. Thus, the young girl will have to choose between helping her parents or pursuing her dream.

The Rescue (Disney +)

The favorite in the Best Documentary category, The Rescue is a NatGeo production about one of the most surprising rescues of recent years. With never-before-seen footage from the cameras of the divers who helped rescue the twelve boys of the football team who were trapped in a cave in Thailand, in 2018. It is a poignant feature film with surprising images that give the dimension of the difficulty of getting everyone alive from this accident.

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The Mitchell Family and the Machine Revolt (Netflix)

From one fungus to another, The Mitchell Family and the Revolt of the Machines have both hands on the trophy, unless the Oscar decides to innovate and reward a Danish animation on the LGBT cause (yes , we’re talking about Flee, which is also a movie). In this story, a teenage girl who dreams of becoming a director is allowed to attend the college she always wanted. However, realizing that he would no longer have his baby girl at home, the father of the Mitchell family decides to cancel his daughter’s tickets to take her to college with the family on a final car trip with all present. This attitude did not please the young girl, who already had her plans, but all this will have to be put aside when, in the middle of the journey, the Machine Revolt begins.

Sweet Home Bar (Amazon Prime Video)

Directed by George Clooney, this drama is based on the life of an author who won the Pullitzer. On Long Island, a boy, whose father went out to buy cigarettes and never returned, seeks to fill that void with a new father figure. This way he is very close to his uncle (Ben Affleck), who runs a bar. In the establishment, the boy transforms into a mascot, and spends his days listening to life stories and advice from his uncle and his regular customers, trying to understand in them how life works.

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