Weekend tip | Slutty teen comedies in the streams

Hollywood has a very curious crop of teen movies. The subgenre is capable of encompassing several different styles, generally betting on drama or comedy, the teenage phase is always portrayed in a confusing and “hormonal” way, so to speak. Thinking about it, CinePOP picked out a few movies that are available in streams that follow more of this path of naughty teenage comedies. Check!

American Pie: The first time is unforgettable

With the hormones there, Jim, Kevin, Oz, and Paul are in their senior year of high school and are still virgins, but not for lack of trying. After a string of shameful and frustrated sex-seeking situations, they decide to make a pact to lose their virginity until graduation party. Then, with 24 hours to complete the deal, they’ll go through more bizarre situations involving girls, porn, and a traditional pie. And the best part is that the entire franchise is available to stream.

Where to watch: Netflix and Amazon Prime Video

Eurotrip: Passport to the confusion

During the prom, Scotty finds out that his girlfriend, Fiona, cheated on him with just about everyone at school. Frustrated and taxed as predictable, the boy decides to take advantage of his last school vacation to go to Germany and meets Mika, his virtual friend who was interested in him. Problem is, he’s with his best friend Cooper, who’s nothing but a big bump. On their way to Germany, they end up traveling through Europe, meeting new friends and going through the most absurd situations that their unpredictable scenario could provide.

Where to watch: Netflix

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Finally 18

On the verge of turning 21, young Jeff Chang is under pressure to take the admission test in order to fulfill the family’s dream of having a medical son. However, contrary to all indications from concurseiros and pre-university students, he decides to go out for a drink with his two friends instead of stopping and resting. With the two bobalões, Jeff gets involved in unimaginable problems and must solve everything before the race. Remember a lot if you drink, don’t get married! with teenagers.

Where to watch: Amazon Prime Video

Superbad: it’s today

On the eve of graduation, three friends begin to have a seizure due to the impending separation, as each goes to college. At the same time, they are eager to catch the respective dream girls before the end of the “school phase”. This way, they commit to having the drinks to impress the girls at the last party in the class. The problem is, they’re not yet old enough to drink and end up resorting to McLovin’s fake driver’s license. From there, they end up getting involved with the police, bandits, a beggar and will have to go through it all if they want to resolve themselves and stay with the girls.

Where to watch: Netflix

How to survive a zombie attack

In the last days of their high school, three Boy Scout friends want to put the stigma of liars aside and go to a big party. However, one of them still wishes to conclude his cycle in Scouting by performing a ceremony on the same evening as the party. In the midst of this stalemate on the party or ceremony, a zombie apocalypse begins to occur. The two scouts, ready to cheat, go to the ceremony and plan to wait for their friend to sleep so they can escape and have some fun. Only things get out of hand and the trio will have to use their scouting skills to survive.

Where to watch: Netflix and Amazon Prime Video

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