Were they dead from the start? Understand the end of the Lost series!

By: Lucca Torres

Eleven years ago, the last episode of Lost aired, shocking – and frustrating – many people with its explosive reveal, which ended years of fan theories and ended up becoming a meme of global proportions. After all, have people been following the show all this time only to find out that the characters were dead? Well, unlike what has been posted on the internet, the ending makes it clear that they were NOT dead from the start. Check the text.

If you live on the internet, you’ve probably heard of the controversial Lost series ending. Many even say that the ending is very bad because everyone was dead during that time. Which causes some people to really stray from the show because of this misunderstanding. They don’t even think about starting to see because they already know the “bad ending”. However, this story of “everyone almost dead” is the result of a false understanding, which has become a false collective memory. Today, even some people who watched the show think everyone was dead by the first episode.

So understand once and for all the true ending of the series and why you should give this TV milestone a chance.

To begin with, we have to talk about how Lost was the pioneering series of Internet theories and discussions. With each new episode, online forums exploded with millions of theories and comments. Theories that producers Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof loved to infuse with widely open references in the series itself.

These theories ranged from “the island is a science experiment” to “they are dead and the island is a purgatory”, and producers have always found a way to spark these and other strange theories, but in reality, that of purgatory was the most popular among them.

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Were they dead from the start?

Lost has always been known to innovate in its way of telling the story, whether with the famous flashbacks that show events from the characters’ past and also flashforwards, which innovated by showing events from the future. However, in the sixth and final season, the story featured the side flash, which showed some sort of alternate reality where the island lived underwater and the Oceanic 815 plane never crashed. And throughout last season, we’ve been following this alternate reality alongside what was shown in “normal reality”.

The submerged island.

But the world and the people of these flash-sides were totally different from what we knew. James Sawyer, for example, was a totally immoral crook. In this “parallel world” he was a handsome cop. We then realized that this reality was not a simple world where they did not fall on the island. Things were very different.

It was then that the plot began to show the truth. Desmond remembers everything that lived on the island and made it his mission to make sure everyone remembers. So, in the last part of the final season, we are treated to beautiful and unforgettable moments of characters that we love, but who had already passed, reuniting.

Charlie and Claire are reunited.

However, the side flashes were interspersed with current events on the island, so throughout the final season we have two storylines:

● On the island: The survivors trying to fight against the threat of “black smoke”;

● In alternate reality: Desmond brings everyone together with the intention of making them remember.

We then discovered that alternate reality was nothing more than an afterlife, an “afterlife”. No heaven, hell, purgatory or threshold. It was a happy medium, a place where everyone could “move forward” together.

And that’s what happens in the last episode. As we follow Jack literally giving his life around the island and marching to his death, we have the same Jack in the afterlife who remembers everything with the help of “The Guide”, which is played by the character’s late father.


Jack asks if he’s real, and The Guide replies, “I’m real, you’re real, everything that happened to you was real, all the people out there are real.”

So Jack asks if everyone in the afterlife is dead and has the answer, “Everyone dies someday, Jack. Some before you and others after ”.

That is, everyone on the island is alive, while those in the afterlife are dead. And the explanation for everyone being together at the same time is that there is no “now” in the hereafter.

These dialogues practically came to show everyone that everything they were experiencing on the island had happened. And the afterlife, which was introduced in the sixth and final season, was an afterlife.

So the whole theory that they were dead from the start fell apart, as everyone remembers the times they spent on the island, and the Guide’s talk to Jack is self-explanatory: all about the island really happened.

Even though we don’t see certain characters like Hurley, Sawyer, and Kate die, that doesn’t mean it won’t someday, as The Guide says, “Everyone dies someday.” So it can be assumed that Sawyer could die at the age of 100. But whatever, they will always end up there in the Hereafter.

In the show’s final scene, Jack is seen dying in “Island Reality.” At the same time, everyone in the Hereafter meets and embraces, sitting in a church moving forward.

And although this is a church, Lost doesn’t determine which religion is right, it’s up to you to determine where they go. Whether towards the afterlife, the sky or anywhere. Then the series ends with Jack closing his eyes, making a parallel with the first scene of the first episode, where he opens his eyes and wakes up on the island.

The parallels between the first and the last scene of the series

A lot of people didn’t understand this ending and said everyone was dead, but the truth is, everything that happened on the island was real. All the seasons, all the happy and sad moments, all the mysteries and intrigues have happened. The afterlife is just one element introduced last season to end the series. Everything that happened … Well, it happened.

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