“Werewolf by Night”: Special Disney + Halloween Details Revealed; To verify!

A few weeks ago, it was revealed that Gael Gracia Bernal (‘Babel’) had been cast for the lead role in ‘Werewolf by Night’, a Marvel’s Hallowen special in partnership with Disney +.

However, which version of the character Gael would play had not been revealed, as there are two versions of the werewolf in Marvel comics.

But, according to The Illuminerdi, the star will bring to life Jack Russell, a descendant of Lycanthropes who has the ability to transform without the full moon phenomenon and lacks certain weaknesses, like poor immunity to the silver elements.

Moreover, he manages to maintain his human intellect and uses his abilities to fight crime.

The portal also reported that Nina Price / Vampire, a vampire-werewolf hybrid who is Russell’s niece, is also expected to appear in the attraction.

Like Jack, Nina is part of the Cursed Bloodline of Grigory Russoff, which means she would turn into a werewolf as well. At one point in the story, she was also attacked by a vampire, which changed her original curse.

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Although seemingly human during the day, she transforms into a vampire as soon as the sun goes down and due to the werewolf curse, she also transforms into a werewolf during a full moon.

As of yet, it has not been revealed who could bring it to life, as production is still in its early stages.

Recalling that the registrations are scheduled for early 2022, without a defined date, the updates should therefore be released in the coming months.

Earlier, rumors had hinted that Russell would be inducted into the “Moon Knight” series. Even so, neither Marvel nor Disney have commented on the matter, so consider this a rumor.

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