“What if…?”: Captain Britânia gains importance in the new images of the animation; Check!

Disney + has released never-before-seen footage from “What if…?”, An upcoming anthology animation based on Marvel Studios characters.

The images highlight Peggy Carter as Captain Britânia, Nick Fury, Gavião Arqueiro and Doutor Estranho.


A few weeks ago, a Twitter page posted an unreleased poster of the attraction.

The curious thing is that the image features a team known as the ‘Guardians of the Multiverse’, and is formed by one of the observers along with Doctor Strange, Thor, Gamora, Erik Killmonger, Peggy Carter, Peter Quill and Black Widow.

Indeed, the animation will feature anthology stories showing what the MCU would look like in several alternate realities.


“I found it here and it looks very interesting.”

Enjoy watching:

I just found this at the mall… it’s interesting! pic.twitter.com/MZHp8ZokGI

– Anne talks about comics! 🌸🏳️‍⚧️🌸 (@AnneComics) April 11, 2021

Production is expected to begin in summer 2021.

Laura Karpman, known for her work on “Lovecraft Country” and “LA’s Finest”, will be responsible for the soundtrack for the series.

The new show is under the tutelage of Kevin Feige and clearly won’t be part of the canon known to fans.

“ What If ” is an anthology that introduces audiences to alternate storylines for Marvel’s most iconic characters, and they’ve provided subtle things like Spider-Man joining the Fantastic Four or what would happen if the world knew that Daredevil is blind, even more extreme scenarios – for example, what if Loki found the hammer instead of Thor or if Doctor Strange became a follower of Dormammu?

Another very popular aspect of this compilation is exploring what the world would be like if certain characters had survived rather than died. For example, one of the comics explores the world where Ben Parker, Peter’s uncle, was not dead, or where Gwen Stacy was not dead at the hands of the Green Goblin.

Make sure to watch:

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