‘What if …?’: Scarlett Johansson will NOT be voicing Black Widow in Marvel animation

Disney + has finally released the dubbing cast of “What If …?” », The new animation of the platform in partnership with Marvel Studios.

While some Marvel stars will dub their respective characters, others have been left out of production, such as Scarlett Johansson.

According to the Comic Book, the interpreter of Black Widow will not double the character of the attraction.

The information comes shortly after the star took legal action against Disney after the studio decided to release ‘Black Widow’ on its streaming service in conjunction with the first film.

Johansson says there was a breach of contract because her deal with Marvel guaranteed an EXCLUSIVE debut movie, which would give the actress a percentage of the box office on top of her salary.

However, it has not been said if Johansson’s absence from the voiceover cast is process-related, as the animation was developed over a year ago.

Remember that “What if …?” Premieres August 11.

And it looks like it’s just going to be just one of the many animated series planned by the studio.

Enjoy watching:

In an interview with Variety, Marvel executive vice president Victoria Alonso confirmed that more entertainment is underway.

Additionally, she said Marvel Studios is investing in an exclusive animation division.

“We are going to develop our animation activity with a mini-studio, and there will be more coming out of the oven. We are very happy to work on other animations, this art style has always been my first love.

Rumors about “Marvel Animation Studios” first surfaced this year, when vacancies were reported for the studio’s new division.

While waiting for further updates, watch the trailer for “What if …?” “

Laura Karpman, known for her work on “Lovecraft Country” and “LA’s Finest”, will be responsible for the soundtrack for the series.

“What If” is an anthology that introduces audiences to alternate storylines for Marvel’s most iconic characters, and they provide subtle things like Spider-Man joining the Fantastic Four or what would happen if the world knew Daredevil is blind. , even more extreme scenarios – for example, what if Loki had found the hammer instead of Thor, or if Doctor Strange had become a disciple of Dormammu?

Another very popular aspect of this compilation explores what the world would be like if certain characters had survived rather than died. For example, one of the comics explores the world in which Peter’s uncle, Ben Parker, did not die, or in which Gwen Stacy did not die at the hands of the Green Goblin.

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