What is the biblical significance of the movie “Mom! Who debuted on Netflix?

I watched “Mom!” on Netflix and I didn’t get it: don’t worry, you are not alone!

Genius Darren Aronofsky, director of ‘Pi’, ‘Black Swan’ and ‘Noah’, brought us one of the most controversial and controversial films in history.

Full of metaphors and symbolism, the film promises to confuse the minds of many moviegoers. Everyone will have a different take on the message of the film, but everyone will certainly be affected by the story – for better or for worse.

Today I will explain the story based on my theory about the film.

There are several different theories: some say the mother talks about the female figure, others say it’s about the man who always wants a younger woman, fame, fears of pregnancy and he there are even people who think the movie shows what it’s like to be Jennifer. Laurent.

I’m going on the theory that ‘Mother!’ it is about the creation of mankind, and it is totally based on the Bible:

Javier Bardem, “the poet”, is God… the energy that created everything. The creator. He’s in charge of starting everything, of creating the character of Jennifer Lawrence. Very early on, we see him holding a crystal, at the origin of the Big Bang, and placing it in a sacred place. From that moment, everything comes back to life.

Jennifer Lawrence was created around this time. She’s home, home… she’s planet Earth. She is the one who prepares the house, takes care of everything and wants to create a paradise. Yes, she is the strongest metaphor in the film. It is our home.

The first guest to “enter” the house is the character of Ed Harris… and Amazing: this is Adam, the first man created by God. In one of the film’s most intriguing scenes, he is throwing up in the bathroom and he has a large back injury.

Do you know what that means ?? Adam’s rib. It was snatched from him by God to create Eve, according to the Bible.

Enjoy watching:

Right after this scene, the beautiful Michelle Pfeiffer, who is none other than Eva, appears in the house.

The two are greeted by Bardem, God, but Lawrence, Earth, is still uncomfortable having them inside his house. When the two shatter the crystal that started it all, God revolts. It is the forbidden fruit. They were expressly ordered not to enter his office.

Shortly after, they return with their two children. You know who they are: Cain and Abel. I don’t even have to say that one brother kills the other, both in the Bible and in the movie, right ??

Something I didn’t quite understand was the yellow powder that Lawrence drinks in the bathroom every day. After two sleepless nights thinking about the movie, I came to the conclusion that the yellow powder could mean the sun. It is the only energy the Earth needs to survive.

The vat scene signifies the great flood.

When Jennifer Lawrence’s character becomes pregnant, peace returns to the house. Until the “guests” reappear. They worship God and want to know the baby. The baby is the Messiah, the sacrificed son. Jesus. The child is killed in one of the film’s most shocking scenes, and everyone has a bite to eat.

God is portrayed in the film as a vain figure, who cherishes being idolized by the “guests”. After the death of her child, Mother Nature begins to show her fury. She wants to expel the beings who are in her house, who killed her children.

God tells her that she must forgive, because the “guests” repent. But unlike God, she doesn’t see forgiveness in what has been done.

When it burns down the house, we can look at it like the Apocalypse. We take all of Mother Earth’s resources, and we give nothing back. We kill your child, we eat your fruit, we are unwanted guests. And she begins to show her fury. She has created a paradise for us, and we smoke inside her house and burn her rugs.

Ultimately, when Mother Nature kills herself and sets home, earth, and everyone in it on fire, God needs your love to start all over again, showing that it is an eternal cycle. Humanity will end, and it will be recreated. Again, again, again.

Do you agree with my theory ?? Did you miss a ticket ??

Let us know in the comments below what YOUR theory is and what YOU thought about the movie!


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