What was the best and worst season of ‘Stranger Things’?

“ Stranger Things ” became Netflix’s sensational series, delighting and entertaining fans, but also breaking the hearts of many. It’s been three seasons since we first met Eleven, Will, Mike, Dustin, Lucas and company. In the meantime, we’re faced with a lot of ’80s nostalgia and a plot centered on adventure and friendship between children.

Created by brothers Ross Duffer and Matt Duffer, Stranger Things is one of today’s biggest series. In its three years of existence, it has received no less than 31 Emmy nominations and four Golden Globe nominations, not to mention the Best Casting award at the SAG Awards. As Netflix does not regularly release audience figures, it is not possible to have an exact dimension of the success of the series, but it is very clear that we are dealing with a pop culture phenomenon.

Loosely inspired by the universes of Steven Spielberg, John Carpenter, Stephen King, among other big names, the series has delivered three good seasons so far, although it is possible to recognize a few problems here, in addition to the ups and downs. . Thinking about it, CinePOP decided to rank the seasons so far, from the worst to the best.

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It should be remembered that the fourth season is scheduled to air in 2022.

03 – Second season (2017)

It’s not like the second season of Stranger Things is a complete waste of time. We have some really cool stuff and the introduction of characters that are not captivating. But it is impossible not to recognize that this was the most problematic season to date, being entitled to the famous seventh episode, completely exhausting and uninteresting, which until today is criticized by the fans.

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Steve’s development and his friendship with Dustin; the introduction of new characters like Max, Erica and Bob (#RIPBob); maintaining the nostalgic and referential climate; and delicate moments, whether in the relationship between Eleven and Hopper, or between children, as in the beautiful ball that ends the season.

Negative points:

The seventh episode (what was it?) And the failed attempt to do something like X-Men; Billy’s poor development, who comes across as a sort of villain, but is still superficial and uninspiring; the feeling of being faced with a “bridge season”, whose sole function is to chart the course for what comes after, without offering something really very special.

02 – First season (2016)

It was not easy to make the decision to place the initial season in second place in our rankings, after all it was responsible for the introduction of wonderful characters and a truly fascinating universe. It is no coincidence that Stranger Things has become a cultural phenomenon and a good part of the reasons are present from the first year of production.


An atmosphere of nostalgia and an excellent use of the emotional relationship of people with the 80s; casting of precisely selected charismatic children; talented supporting cast, right to resume the career of Winona Ryder; engaging storyline that mixes adventure and science fiction, and makes reference to classics of the 80s, such as Conta Comigo, Goonies, ET and company; exquisite soundtrack and art direction.

Negative points:

Plot a little dragged in the first episodes; Jonathan’s weird approach at first, especially in his hidden stalker moment taking pictures of Nancy; exaggerates a bit in the number of references and Easter eggs.

01 – Third season (2019)

Despite a dip in Year 2, it seems clear that the weather worked out really well in Stranger Things. The series is more and more mature, without losing in innocence and in the atmosphere of nostalgia. He managed to keep the adventure dynamic / sci-fi and was able to add new elements, such as the political intrigue between the US and the Soviet Union – something classic in 80s movies. because of the emergence of a wonderful new quartet. .


Good suspense construction; excellent relationship between Max and Eleven, which leaves behind the competitive atmosphere of the second season; Robin’s introduction; perfect dynamics in the Dustin-Steve-Robin-Erica core; Billy’s best development; Climate of spy films of the 1980s; captivating end of sorrow; stimulating cliffhanger for the fourth season.

Negative points:

Plot a little dragged in the first episodes; the dynamic between Joyce and Hopper seems overdone, albeit with good times; Billy remains embarrassed by a performance above Dacre Montgomery’s tone, even as the character gains new layers; excessive soundtrack.

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