What’s up, dear movie buff ?! – Our interview column | Part 14: Lufe Steffen

Cinema is the light that illuminates our time, the past and the future. Thinking of sharing with you reader, the tips and curiosities of countless moviegoers across our country, we have created this weekly column to which we invite lovers of the seventh art who work with cinema or not.

Today we are going to talk to a full audiovisual artist. The cinephile, filmmaker, journalist, writer, actor and singer, graduated in Communication – Radio & Television, Lufe Steffen. He has already directed 10 short fiction films and 2 feature documentaries, São Paulo in Hi-Fi (2016) and A Volta da Pauliceia Desvairada (2012), both on the LGBT party in São Paulo. Curator and producer of some audiovisual exhibitions, he currently teaches film workshops and maintains the Naftalufe channel on YouTube, in addition to completing filming of his first feature film, the 1980s queer musical We Are Tomorrow.

1) In your city, what is your favorite cinema compared to the programming? Detail the reason for the choice.

CineSesc, both in terms of programming and everything, location, facilities, the room itself, the screen, the café, everything. It is a corner, a refuge, an oasis. The program usually features retrospectives from great directors. Then it becomes an apotheosis, it’s wonderful to follow these retrospectives. In recent years we have had Visconti, Milos Forman and Fellini this year was unfortunately interrupted by the pandemic.

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2) What’s the first movie that you remember seeing and thinking: the cinema is a different place.

Xanadu, from 1980. I watched movies when I was very young, I could barely follow the subtitles, but even today I remember that impact.

3) Who is your favorite director and his favorite movie?

Difficult lol! I have several favorite directors … I will choose one but only because I have to choose: Pedro Almodóvar and the film is Bad Education.

4) What is your favorite national film and why?

There too I would have to choose several, I could quote about fifty Brazilian films which are my favorites. I therefore allow myself to choose 3: Bye Bye Brasil by Cacá Diegues, I consider it a brilliant portrait of Brazil and its contradictions, and it remains relevant; Onda Nova, by Ícaro Martins and Zé Antônio Garcia, also a portrait, but from the youth of the 80s, and is very current, modern; and Anjos da Noite, by Wilson Barros, a modern and daring film in his language, which has been rediscovered.

5) What does being a movie buff mean to you?

It is to live according to the cinema, to mark its life.

6) Do you think that most of the theaters you know have programs made by people who understand cinema?

Complicated answer that lol! I would have to get to know the people who do programming better, and I know very little. Those I know, yes, understand.

7) Will cinemas ever end?

I hope not. If it’s up to me, they won’t, as I will continue to attend as long as they exist.

8) Indicate a movie that you think many haven’t seen but which is great.

I will be showing two horror films by director Carlos Hugo Christensen: Enigma for Demons of 1974 and The Woman of Desire in 1975. They are excellent works of national terror that we do not remember today.

9) Do you think theaters should reopen before having a vaccine against covid-19?

I don’t know … It’s complicated. The ideal would be to wait for the vaccine. On the other hand, if they open up and the protocols are followed, that’s fine. Ultimately, the decision is up to the viewer: to go or not to go.

10) How do you see the quality of Brazilian cinema today?

I think there is a lot of cool stuff, technically the quality is always increasing and improving, it is no longer a problem in Brazilian cinema. What I miss is more variety and eclecticism in the proposals and languages. There, it’s a matter of taste. I have a feeling that a lot of movies are the same, that there are styles and patterns and the movies end up falling into one of them. I feel that daring, daring and shamelessness are lacking.

11) Tell the Brazilian artist that you don’t miss a movie.

I really like Gilda Nomacce, an actress who does a lot of cinema, it’s always good to see her in action.

12) Define cinema with a sentence.

Magic potion.

13) Tell an unusual story that you witnessed in a movie theater.

What I remember the most are the occasions when the audience cheered, sometimes standing up, for the film at the end. When that happens it’s always breathtaking and exciting, I remember the Hair session at CineSesc in 2018, which had that, for example.

14) Define “Cinderela Baiana” in a few words.

I have never seen this movie lol … A flaw in my CV.

15) What is the worst movie you have seen in your life?

I don’t know how to answer this question because I think almost every movie still has something good, something is always saved. And in addition, the memory keeps the films that I liked, that I see, that I revise. The movies I didn’t like, I end up forgetting!

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