What’s up, dear movie buff ?! – Our interview column | Part 17: Andrea Cursino

Cinema is always a gathering, a great bond, of people who like to understand the feelings that cross the universe in which we live. Thinking better to understand the origins of the beloved taste of the seventh art, this humble movie buff who writes to you spontaneously has resolved to send a questionnaire to an incredible selection of Brazilian moviegoers with the aim of exchanging experiences on all they have. lived during those years of love. At the movie theater.

Our guest today is a journalist graduated from FACHA (Faculdades Integradas Hélio Alonso) and has been a reporter, press officer, producer of webtv programs and film critic. She is professor of film criticism at the FACHA and mediator of debates in rooms such as: Cine Joia, MAM and Teatro Sesi. Founder and owner of Cinema Para Semper website. Andrea is one of the most affectionate people in this audiovisual universe, always being present mainly in the various press stands and events in the city of Rio de Janeiro.

1) In your city, what is your favorite cinema in relation to the programming? Detail the reason for the choice.

I’m from Rio de Janeiro and my favorite cinema is the UCI New York City Center. They have several rooms with different technologies. The rooms are comfortable and have a greater variety of titles. In addition, the films are shown for a longer time and it is the room closest to my house.

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2) What’s the first movie that you remember seeing and thinking: the cinema is a different place?

I think since I understand myself, I am a movie buff. I think it’s the best place in the world to feed the human spirit. The stories, the messages and so many forms of communication and learning have always enchanted me. Not exactly the first time I went to the movies, but I remember watching Bernardo and Bianca when I was 8 years old. But I’m sure I’ve watched other Disney movies in theaters before that.

3) Who is your favorite director and his favorite movie?

I can’t pick a favorite for anything (laughs). But I have favorites on the list like: Steven Spielberg. I have doubts which my heart likes the most among the three Indiana Jones movies (The Lost Ark / and the Temple of Doom and the Last Crusade), ET and The Post, although I like a lot of other movies. that he has achieved a lot. The other two directors are: Tim Burton and Susana Garcia. As far as Tim Burton goes, I love almost every movie, but the favorite is The Corpse Bride. I think Suzana Garcia is able to convey stories very delicately and in a good mood and her favorite film is Minha Mãe é Uma Parte 3.

4) What is your favorite national film and why?

It broke me again (laughs). I go to My mother is a Play 3 because I have already spoken before. I have a list of national films that I really like! Because it’s simple, the director was able to tell a family story that we can identify in the characters known to people, even in our family in a fun, but respectful way. It’s not debauchery, it doesn’t work with jokes, it works with funny situations. He knew how to give delicacy at the right time and exaggeration in the measure. It works with the hype as a way to make us think about the absurdity of the situation. Suzana Garcia handled Juliano’s story naturally without the mercy of the oppressed. There are a lot of gays like Juliano and the cinema never remembers portraying them. Gay who has family, a job, friends and a stable relationship. The text Juliano speaks at the end of the film ends in style a film about family.

5) What does being a movie buff mean to you?

Being a cinephile is to love the cinema, that is to say the films themselves. It can be in the living room or in the survival of a movie: DVD, Streaming, TV, smartphone. It’s not just about watching a movie, it’s about understanding what he wants to say and who he wants to say it to. Not all movies are for everyone, but cinema is the art of giving, and it’s for everyone.

6) Do you think that most of the theaters you know have programs made by people who understand cinema?

Some cinemas do, but I think the idea that theaters can be more complete with their titles and try to get to know their audience is lacking. Someone who understands cinema is more likely to make the play work better.

7) Will cinemas ever end?

Never, nunquinha da silva, the rooms will end. They can modernize, but never end!

8) Point out a movie that you think many haven’t seen, but it’s great.

Artists and models with Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin.

9) Do you think theaters should reopen before we have a vaccine for covid-19?

I think it’s a shame for a movie theater to open before the disease is totally under control. Cinema hall already a closed environment, with air conditioning and without ventilation. It is a source of contamination that endangers the lives of the public and the employees working in the rooms.

10) How do you see the quality of Brazilian cinema today?

National cinema has evolved a lot. Today, I am proud of our cinema and I can be screened all over the world because we make a more diverse cinema to serve all audiences. We need to invest more and I am sure we can reap good rewards from the new productions. Encouraging the study and improvement of new professionals in the film market, as well as the retraining of learning and the improvement of seasoned professionals is essential for Brazil to be among the best film producers in the world.

11) Tell the Brazilian artist that you don’t miss a movie.

Fernanda Montenegro.

12) Define cinema with a sentence.

Cinema is the sum of all the arts!

13) Tell an unusual story that you witnessed in a movie theater.

I went to watch Star Wars VII – The Force Awakens which was a rush to buy advance tickets for the 12:01 sessions. I actually bought the last ticket for room 4 at Kinoplex Leblon. It was on the face of the screen, which I don’t like, but what to do? My chair was next to the wheelchair space. The wheelchair arrived with her son and asked to be moved. I accepted on the spot. I stayed three rows later. Ufa! Better vision. There were four young people sitting next to me. Great people. And suddenly the manager comes in saying they had a KDM problem, I admit that I laughed. The guy next to me asked What is KDM? I replied that it was the movie code. This often happened in press booths (screenings for film critics). Sometimes demoooora to work the new code. And that’s what happened. While we waited the cinema put out a popcorn refill and parking for those who were there in that situation. Suddenly everyone started talking and it looked like a party of friends having fun. Very surreal indeed. Suddenly we all got scared with a guy who panicked in the living room, threw the trash and said he wasn’t a clown and left, leaving everyone in dismay. The director said anyone who wanted a return ticket or someone else to watch the film on another day was heading to the box office. Nobody went there. We’ve been here for hours, so we stayed to see the new Star Wars trilogy. At the end of the day the new KDM was also not working and we stayed to watch it in the other room where the 3:01 session was running. And I had to wake up at 5:30 in the morning to get ready. and talk about the film on Radio Roquette Pinto, where I was a movie commentator. We left there at 5:30 am until all the cars were cleared from the parking lot, and I even went home with my new friends. I went on the radio and then I came home dead with flour. But at least it was fun despite the confusion. I arrived at Shopping Leblon at 9pm and left at 5.30am with a story to tell, plus reviews to write.

14) Define “ Cinderela Baiana ” in a few words …

I admit that I only saw the trailer, it’s so bad it’s funny!

15) You are a cinema teacher. Are most students looking for a specialization in cinephile cinema? What do you think?

Incredible as it may sound, these are usually students who enjoy watching movies, but some have very limited knowledge of the movies of their time. Not many people know about the classics, the old and the new. This is also due to the end of DVD rental companies which had a wide variety of movies. Another factor is that the TV channels have stopped showing old movies. Without being properly fed, they can fall by the wayside because an entire generation has no knowledge and cannot pass that knowledge on to the next generation. I wish I could have a cultural center with about four theaters just to show old movies and reruns.

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