Who will stay with Mario?

(Who will stay with Mario?)


Daniel Rocha
Letícia Lima
Felipe Abib
José Victor Castiel
Romulo Arantes Neto
Elisa pinheiro
Marcos Breda

Director: Hsu Chien

Comedy genre

Duration: 114 min.

Distributor: Paris Films

Budget: – millions of US dollars

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Premiere: June 10, 2021


Mário Brüderlich, a 30-year-old boy, finally decides to visit his family and tell his father, a gaucho from a traditional family, who is a theater writer and lives with his boyfriend, Fernando. But a surprise delays plans for Mário, who teams up with Ana, the trainer hired by his brother Vicente to help modernize the family brewery.


The cast includes big names such as Daniel Rocha (“Empire”), Letícia Lima (“Porta dos Fundos”), Felipe Abib (“Faroeste Caboclo”), Nany People (“The Seventh Guardian”), José Victor Castiel, Rômulo Arantes Neto, Elisa Pinheiro and Marcos Breda.

“Directed by Hsu Chien (” No one comes in, no one leaves “).




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