Why did Marvel decide to invest in the ‘Fantastic Four’ reboot before ‘X-Men’?

Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige recently surprised Disney fans by announcing a major MCU expansion.

And one of the good news was the “Fantastic Four” reboot announcement.

After three films that disappointed comic book fans, Casa do Mickey began to take control of the franchise – by purchasing 20th Century Fox, former owner of the Heroes.

Now Feige has revealed that the famed family of dysfunctional heroes will hit the big screen long before the ‘X-Men’ franchise.

Without specifying the reason for the order chosen, much has been speculated about the motivations that would have prompted Feige and Marvel Studios to start with the reboot of “ Fantastic Four ”.

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Strategically speaking, the option makes sense. With the latest version of the X-Men still on the public’s mind, restarting the journey of the mutants still seems too early.

Plus, it wasn’t too long ago that fans were contemplated by two canon features that failed at the box office and to public taste. These were “ X-Men: Black Phoenix ” (2019) and “ The New Mutants ” (2020) – which saw a succession of postponements, with its stacking almost considered by Disney.

It’s also worth remembering that the last attempt at “ The Fantastic Four ” on the big screen is already five years old, enough time for the franchise to rest and catch its breath.

With fans increasingly thirsty for a fresh start in the franchise – frequently expressing interest on social media, it’s remarkable that the enthusiasm for a new take on heroes is much greater compared to this group, than ‘to Professor Xavier and his mutants. .

And given the length of the feature film’s pre-production and finalization (in addition to Marvel’s pre-set premiere schedule), it’s likely that the new version of the “ Fantastic Four ” will only see the spotlight come on. in 2023 – as Kevin Feige himself comments, which will guarantee him eight years of rest in total.

Filmmaker Jon Watts, from the new ‘Spider-Man’ trilogy, will direct the new version of the adaptation.

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Jon Watts will direct Marvel’s First Family new feature, Fantastic Four! pic.twitter.com/4EswhPLM2w

– Marvel Entertainment (@Marvel) December 11, 2020

This will be the fourth attempt to honor the legacy of the team in question, just after Roger Corman’s time-honored 1994 film, the failed Tim Story mini-franchise that debuted in 2005, and the audience-slaughtered version and Josh Trank’s reviews in 2015.

The latest ‘Fantastic Four’ reboot was one of the biggest public criticisms and fiascos in recent history, as the chaos behind the scenes spawned one of the film industry’s most interesting stories. (especially when it was revealed that one of the cast almost hit the road with director Josh Trank).

The “Fantastic Four” remake cost $ 120 million and only grossed $ 167 million worldwide.

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