Wonder Woman 1984 costumes were inspired by Brooke Shields

“Wonder Woman 1984” will introduce us to a totally different aesthetic from the iconic heroine, especially since the story takes place in the mid-1980s.

In a recent interview with SiriusXM, Gal Gadot, who revisits the role of the titular character, explained the influences that opened the door to an authentic look for the film, without fully supporting the period in question.

“It was a process like any other in the film. First off, Lindy Hemming is one of the best designers I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with and she’s awesome, but [a diretora] Patty [Jenkins] and I had a very different attitude to the way we wanted to show Diana. So, yeah, the ’80s can be super colorful and vibrant, with epaulettes and all, but if you’re too much in that direction it can get tacky and that wasn’t what we were looking for. With Diana, it was a wonderful creative process ”.

She specifically explored the process behind the white dress Diana wears in several trailers and teasers, making it clear that the iconic Brooke Shields, from “ The Blue Lagoon, ” served as stylistic inspiration.

“The white dress was a benchmark that Lindy found at one of the Dior shows in 1984, so we literally and completely imitated the dress and made a few changes. The suit with Steve, when I wear the jacket, is the one we found, and it was hard to decode because it would have to be made from men’s clothing. I used it for a long time in the movie. And that was an ad Brooke Shields did for Ralph Lauren, we got some good references and made some adaptations ”.

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Recalling that the feature film will be released on HBO Max on December 25, with the premiere in North American theaters. In Brazil, it arrives on December 17.

As an archaeologist, Diana, who works at the Smithsonian Museum, is a Wonder Woman with extraordinary superpowers and perhaps the strongest heroine in the world. In 1984, Wonder Woman faces frightening mortal danger in the face of a huge conspiracy from businessman Max, who sings loudly to satisfy people’s desires, and a mysterious foe, the Leopard Woman. Will Wonder Woman be able to stop the world from collapsing on her own?

The cast also includes Chris Pine, Kristen Wiig and Pedro Pascal.

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