‘Wonder Woman 1984’ reportedly has another god as its villain instead of Maxwell Lord

The presence of Pedro Pascal as Maxwell Lord in “Wonder Woman 1984” was a pleasant surprise, as the star’s performance was highly praised by critics and audiences alike.

However, the crafty and manipulative character was almost left out of the streak.

During an interview for the comic, co-writer Geoff Johns said the Duke of Deception was the team’s first choice.

However, since Ares, the god of war, had previously been the antagonist of the previous film, they chose not to feature another god in the sequel.

“At first we were joking about using the Duke of deception, but we had already created a god in the first movie… the god of war. We didn’t want to be repetitive and everything. [A diretora] Patty Jenkins accepted the exchange and came up with a story that aligned very well with the 1980s. ”

For those unfamiliar with him, the Duke of Deception was featured in the 2nd edition of the ‘Wonder Woman’ comic, in 1942.

Created by screenwriter William Moulton Marston and illustrator Harry G. Peter, it acted as an agent for Ares, sent to confuse the mind of Diana Prince in an attempt to convert her into a handmaid of the god of war. .

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Maybe the ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ crew changed the villain to keep audiences from thinking Ares might be coming back for another heroine movie.

So, do you think the Duke of Deception would be a nice addition to the plot?

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As an archaeologist, Diana, who works at the Smithsonian Museum, is a Wonder Woman with extraordinary superpowers and perhaps the strongest heroine in the world. In 1984, Wonder Woman faces frightening mortal danger in the face of a huge conspiracy from businessman Max, who sings loudly to satisfy people’s desires, and a mysterious foe, the Leopard Woman. Will Wonder Woman be able to stop the world from collapsing on her own?

The cast also includes Chris Pine, Kristen Wiig and Pedro Pascal.

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