‘Wonder Woman 1984’: the interpreter of Hipólita explains why the film had so many negative reception

“ Wonder Woman 1984 ” captured the attention of 18 million HBO Max subscribers and became the # 1 most viewed streaming platform.

However, the feature appealed to most critics and the public, reaching just 59% approval on Rotten Tomatoes.

But why has the film received so much criticism if it succeeds in achieving the goal of getting fans’ attention?

In an interview with Den of Geek, Connie Nielsen, the interpreter of Hipólita, was asked about the subject.

In response, she gave a number of reasons for the negative reception, including delays in her debut and psychological upheaval caused by the pandemic.

“Just because it was postponed several times, the film was overly criticized, the film was not to blame for the delays. Moreover, any continuation will always suffer from comparisons with its predecessor. But in this movie it looks like people were ready to film negativities because they were psychologically shaken. [pela pandemia do Coronavírus]. “

Director Patty Jenkins also suffered a lot of criticism, as some fans said the script was weak and did not live up to Diana (Gal Gadot’s) fame from the comics.

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Despite this, Nielsen insisted on defending the director’s vision.

“For me, Patty has an extraordinary vision. I respect those who think differently, but they said she betrayed the character. I still find Diana incredibly courageous and important. The way he transforms the expectations of a superhero may not appeal to everyone … But the truth is, fans just want to see the same formulas repeated in every movie of the genre. “Wonder Woman 1984” deviates from this model and that’s what makes it great. “

She continued:

“A lot of people were prepared to criticize only certain elements instead of seeing the film as a whole. And I think overall, everything that’s going on makes a lot of sense. It is logical and it is beautiful. “

Finally, she explained that the film was frowned on precisely to surprise audiences, as the plot divided opinions.

“I think people hate not knowing what’s going to happen, but that doesn’t mean we should stop trying and keep changing these formulas, changing the unknowns to get different results is more interesting,” it’s deeper psychologically. What is the fun of delivering something that fans have been waiting for? To me that doesn’t make sense at all. People are used to having their wishes come true and get irritated when something goes differently than they already expected.

So, do you agree with her?

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As an archaeologist, Diana, who works at the Smithsonian Museum, is a Wonder Woman with extraordinary superpowers and perhaps the strongest heroine in the world. In 1984, Wonder Woman faces frightening mortal danger in the face of a huge conspiracy from businessman Max, who sings loudly to satisfy people’s desires, and a mysterious foe, the Leopard Woman. Will Wonder Woman be able to stop the world from collapsing on her own?

The cast also includes Chris Pine, Kristen Wiig and Pedro Pascal.

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