Worst Netflix Original Movies of 2020

Streaming services have evolved a lot since its inception over the past decade and have fallen in the public’s liking overwhelmingly. So much so that questions about the threat to the future of cinemas are constantly on the agenda of specialists. Yes, many are putting the end of video rental to the advent of these platforms, and the most pessimistic suffer from the eventual fate of cinemas. The year 2020 did not help the cause much, shutting down “the world” because of the pandemic, the exhibition halls were a battered sector, many could not get up.

In this bitter game of fate, one entertainment sector that flourished during our forties was precisely the streaming channels – conducive to watching movies and series from the comfort of our own homes. Most of the productions launched in 2020 debuted in such services, and those that weren’t exclusively planned for such formats, were bought by them in order to survive. Is this really the future? So far yes. And here in this file, we’re going to list movies from today’s biggest platform, which also turns out to be the biggest producer of original content for streaming: Netflix.

As Netflix is ​​synonymous with cinema today, nothing more natural than our usual article on the best and worst movies of the year should be turned in 2020 towards the original productions of the platform. So, here we’re going to start at the bottom and then work your way up. This is the least glamorous list of the double. These are the 10 Worst Netflix Original Movies of 2020 (Ps. For effort, we’re taking an average between critics and audience reviews, so it’s not CinePOP’s opinion alone). Find out below.

10 | Double change

The fifth on-screen collaboration between actor Mark Wahlberg and director Peter Berg since 2013, this is the duo’s first film to be released directly to streaming. This is the screen adaptation of the famous books involving Detective Spenser, written by author Robert B. Parker. Interestingly, older people will remember the 1980s series Spenser: For Hire, which ran for three seasons and brought the character’s adventures from the books to television for the first time. Troco em Dobro launched in March and is definitely planned as a franchise. While audiences were somewhat grateful, critics didn’t buy it, saying the humor doesn’t work and the result is a generic buddy buddy.

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09 | Once upon a time there was a dream

Another who was much more in favor of the public than of the critic. This failure with the experts can be a deciding factor when it comes to Oscar nominations – even for performances by Amy Adams and Glenn Close, which sparked some discussion about the nominations, and are in fact the best of this feature film directed by Ron Howard (not at his best filmmaker). In the plot, the prestigious stars are part of a problematic “hillbilly” family, hence the original title. Critics cite Oscar’s aspirations for the film, but equate it with seasoned melodrama.

08 | The bad Missy

In the first two items on the list, we even had a certain prestige, with good actors and renowned directors. But here in eighth position we have a movie starring David Spade, Rob Schneider and Nick Swardson, and produced by Adam Sandler, that is … Here we also have a feature film in which critics and the public seem to agree more, showing their little love. for work. The reviewer even praises the performance of actress Lauren Lapkus (the title Missy), but calls the comedy lazy, guaranteed to only appeal to avid fans of Sandler’s films and his “gang.”

07 | One love, a thousand marriages

A remake of a 2012 French production, this romantic comedy takes up the formula of Feitiço do Tempo (1993), where the same day is repeated over and over again, centering the plot entirely on a wedding – a common and favorable scenario for this type of event. ‘history. The protagonist is Sam Claflin, who, during his sister’s wedding, has to make sure that everything goes as smoothly as possible, despite the countless unforeseen events. In the cast, Freida Pinto and Olivia Munn. Audiences and critics seem to agree on this as well, with pundits saying even the scenery or the beautiful cast cannot attract the appeal of the film, which uses and abuses the genre’s conveniences.

06 | The kissing booth 2

As the saying goes: lightning does not fall twice in the same place. Or maybe it will drop even more sharply, since the target audience for this Netflix franchise seems to be thrilled with every new movie, with a third already in post-production to debut in 2021. Yeah, it looks like Netflix found it your own Twilight or 50 Shades of Gray – play movies made by critics and audiences alike, but with a fierce fan base. Coincidentally, here we also have a production based on a book, but this one is very adolescent. On the bright side, this first sequence received a higher critical rating than the original. Despite this, it was considered a goofy movie, with only the performance of daughter Joey King praising herself.

05 | The limit of betrayal

As stated at the start of the text, Netflix is ​​increasingly looking like the film circuit – the audiovisual giant produces works of all kinds, aimed at all types of audiences. So there was no shortage of places on the worst list for Adam Sandler (who to many’s surprise didn’t score with Hubie’s Halloween, but with Missy Wrong) and Tyler Perry, two big targets for critics. Who Happens Now is precisely the second, with its most recent drama. The theme? It hit the one who told a melodrama dressed in suspense, about a woman deceived by a villain. Experts rated the filmmaker’s latest work as a playwright with funny twists. So, expect something from Acrimonia’s hilarious level.

04 | Two for one

It’s barely arrived and this new movie starring dear Drew Barrymore has already found its place on the list. Bought by Netflix, Duas por Uma debuted on December 11 in US theaters, then entered the company’s catalog the following week in several countries around the world, such as Brazil. As of now, not everyone has had a chance to watch, and soon audiences’ view of the film may improve – as more and more viewers are watching it. But so far, those who have been able to find out have not fallen in love with this film where Barrymore plays two roles, a bitter actress and her double. And to think that the star had not made a film for five years. Despite Barrymore’s commitment to the material, experts say, the film struggles to find humor in a premise that has great comedic potential.

03 | Coffee and kareem

Produced and starring comedian Ed Helms, the Stu of the If You Drink, Don’t Marry franchise, this film behaves like a cop buddy, in which one of the partners is a child. In the film, Helms plays a cop, starting a relationship with Oscar nominee Taraji P. Henson (The Curious Benjamin Button). It turns out that she is the mother of a preteen boy, Kareem (Terrence Little Gardenhigh), who is not at all happy with the situation. The boy hires a criminal to scare off the police, but gunfire turns on them and the two (the police and the boy) must unite after being targeted by the city’s biggest drug dealer. Critics say the film is an odd mix of something aimed at children, but with grown-up humor – turning into a disheartening comedy.

02 | Ava

Better known as “Jessica Chastain’s Atomic,” this spy-action thriller stars the two-time Oscar-nominated star as a professional killer, with serious personal alcoholism issues, mother, sister and ex-boyfriend. The cast is huge and the action scenes work realistically, with a certain graphic violence. Directed by Tate Taylor, who nominated Chastain for the Oscar for the first time (in Histórias Crusadas), the film failed in the taste of audiences and critics. According to reporters, the potential of the film was great, as was the renowned cast which was always reliable, but even they couldn’t save the boring and cliché story that gave them work.

01 | The last thing he wanted

Jessica Chastain and Anne Hathaway have seen better days and have even collaborated on better projects, like Interstellar (2014), Christopher Nolan’s overproduction. The two now share double the worst Netflix movies in 2020, ranking # 1 in the charts. As Chastain arrives from the failed X-Men: Dark Phoenix (2019), Hathaway must have a more urgent conversation with his career manager – after a 2019 where films such as Calmaria and As Trapaceiras appeared in his filmography. What draws attention in this report to a journalist investigating a case and finding her own father at the center of the story is the direction of talented filmmaker Dee Rees, who was very successful with her previous film. : Mudbound – Tears Over the Mississippi (2017). May she and Hathaway have better days. According to critics, this will also be the last thing most viewers want.

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