Yelena makes a hilarious joke with the famous Black Widow’s superhero pose in a high-profile scene; Watch!

“Black Widow” hits theaters and the Disney + catalog next week and a hilarious scene from the production is circulating the internet.

The video in question features the character Yelena poking fun at the iconic superhero pose used by Scarlett Johansson since her first appearance as Black Widow, still in “Iron Man 2.”

At the time, Yelena mocked Natasha for always presenting herself publicly like this. “It’s a fighting pose. You are totally a poseur, ”says the character, who reproduces the same pose as a joke.


New #BlackWidow clip with Florence Pugh and Scarlett Johansson pic.twitter.com/7du7Igavdo

– Florence Pugh Daily (@bestofpugh) June 5, 2021

The production will be released in national theaters on July 8 and on the Disney + platform on July 9, with Premier Access.

Enjoy watching:

The production was praised for its spy-movie vibe, tense scenes, polished humor and the essentials: Florence Pugh (“Midsommar”) received rave reviews for her acting, described as ” instant MCU icon ”.

Critics, however, have complained about the plot of the film, which is lost until the end of the screening.

Check out the main comments:

“After a whole year without Marvel movies on the big screen, it’s hard not to recommend it as a fun popcorn escape. But that’s all ”, Robert Kojder – Shimmering Myth

“Perhaps it’s no surprise that the film is fun and action-packed. It’s unexpected, however, that Black Widow will be the film least similar to The Avengers franchise so far. », Caryn James – BBC.com

“Black Widow appears to be a missed opportunity – an energetic placeholder in the Marvel Cinematic Universe designed to help audiences until a bigger, richer adventure presents itself.”, Tim Grierson – Screen International

“The Black Widow faces the immense challenge of bringing out the character’s past and future, while functioning as a complete experience on its own. », Perri Nemiroff.

“It’s an art to delay the inevitable. By God of Thunder, director Cate Shortland demonstrates this art in this Marvel spin-off, which essentially functions as a wonderful two-hour goodbye. “, Charlotte O’Sullivan –

“Johansson once again embodies a character driven by his pain; now we know where it comes from. Pugh is excellent, enjoying some of the same pain but making it his own. »Bill Goodykoontz – Arizona Republick

“A satisfying mix of muscle and emotion” – Time Out.

“Even eleven years later, Natasha Romanoff won a film that does justice to her status as a legendary spy” – Cinemanía.

“’Black Widow’ gives Nat a legacy that can extend deep into the MCU and change it for the better” – Den of Geek.

“Although I am not sure why the film had to exist, I believe that [a diretora] Cate Shortland has built a truly fascinating and entertaining body of work ”- Le Noir Author.

On Rotten Tomatoes, the feature opened with 84% approval, scoring 7.20 / 10 based on 76 reviews so far.

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