Young people are turned into vampires in the “Dead & Beautiful” horror trailer; To concern!

The ‘Dead & Beautiful’ horror has a new trailer.

To verify:

The feature film was written and directed by David Verbeek.

Five rich young Asians suffer from upper-class boredom, unsure of how to spend their days when so little is expected of them. In search of thrills, the five friends form the “Circle”, a group where they take turns designing a unique and extravagant experience for others. But things take a turn for the worse when privileged townspeople wake up after a night out to find they’ve developed vampire fangs and an insatiable thirst for flesh, blood, and adventure at all costs.

The cast includes Gijs Blom, Aviis Zhong, Yen Tsao, Philip Juan and Anechka Marchenko.

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Horror will be released by Shudder on November 4.

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