Zack Snyder reveals if ‘Justice League’ will have a post-credits scene

Zack Snyder’s version of “ Justice League ” is set to be released in the coming months and fans can’t wait to hear more.

During a question-and-answer session, Snyder was asked if the production will have a post-credit scene – something that has become common in superhero movies, especially Marvel movies.

However, the director has come out against the post-credit scenes and believes the story needs to unfold completely before the credits roll.

Therefore, Snyder revealed that his version will NOT have a post-credit scene.

In the morning, it was revealed that the director was pressuring Warner to release his four-hour version of the film in theaters, the same day the production arrives to stream.

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“I am a huge fan and a huge supporter of the cinematic experience. And we’re already talking about releasing Justice League in theaters at the same time as HBO Max. Strangely, it’s the other way around [da tendência]. He told Entertainment Weekly.

Unlike Joss Whedon’s version, which was rated PG-13, the “ Justice League ” Snyder Cut is expected to be adult-oriented, with Rated-R censorship (for over 17s), for use swearing and excessive violence.

The information was revealed by the director himself:

“The movie is crazy, so epic and will probably be rated R – it will happen I think. I believe it will be an adult version for sure. We have not yet received a response from the Film Production Association. [Motion Picture Association], but my instinct says yes ”.

Snyder went even further and explained the reasons that would allow his version of “ Justice League ” to receive the highest indicative rating:

“There’s a scene where Batman drops an F ***. Cyborg is also not at all happy with what goes on in his life before he meets the Justice League and he tends to say a lot about what he thinks. The Steppe Wolf simply cuts people in half. Thus, the censorship would be due to violence and profane language ”.

On social media, many fans reacted to the filmmaker’s decision to cross the line in the narrative.

Check out the reactions:

“Batman doesn’t say the F *** word!”

BATMAN DOES NOT SAY THE F WORD! https://t.co/n2ESEod1SV pic.twitter.com/wVXWqK7tdC

– sotha silt strider (@cakes_naughty) December 15, 2020

“Oh man, Batman saying the F *** word on Snyder Cut can only mean one thing.”

oh man batman dropping an F bomb in the snyder cup can only mean one thing pic.twitter.com/cQECXmtARs

– Gustav Carlson (@BackwoodGoat) December 15, 2020

“Unless Batman smashes his thumb with a hammer, there is no reason for him to say the F *** word.”

Unless Batman smashes his thumb with a hammer, there is no reason for him to say the F word. Https://t.co/fGNnieQVZy

– Miranda Allen (@ 1MirandaAllen) December 15, 2020

“Yes! This movie should be R-rated. However, Batman saying that F *** is just an attempt at daring. Glad to know the violence will be brutal and more realistic.”

YES! THIS needs an R rating. However, Batman dropping an F bomb is just trying to get pissed off. I’m glad the violence is more brutal and probably more realistic. https://t.co/NFk3PcbYlH

– Flix Guy (@Flixguyyt) December 14, 2020

“I hope Batman doesn’t say the F *** word and Cyborg responds, ‘You should probably get out of the ***’.”

Hope Batman doesn’t say the f word and it’s Cyborg like ‘You should probably fucking move’ pic.twitter.com/6AgmJIYksa

– Tsunami Studios (@RidetheGeekWave) December 15, 2020

“If we were to ask Batman to drop the F *** word, it should have been this Batman here.”

if we wanted a batman to drop the f-bomb this should have been this pic.twitter.com/kNi0iUsmUF

– happy h-avi-kah (@manicmothman) December 15, 2020

“I did when I heard that Batman was going to drop the f *** word in Zack Snyder’s version of Justice League.”

Me when I hear Batman drop the F-Bomb in #zacksnyderjusticeleague pic.twitter.com/9iJhDeCz91

– Anthony (@BrooklynBatman_) December 14, 2020

“So Snyder Cut will probably hit theaters for four hours with an R rating and with Batman dropping the F-word *** …”

So the #SnyderCut will most likely hit theaters with a runtime of 4 hours and an F-bomb dropping Batman… pic.twitter.com/nywqKtK70h

– MODOC🎄 (@TheSupremeMODOC) December 15, 2020

The new version of “Justice League” will be an event divided into four parts and lasting four hours (meaning each “chapter” has one hour of exposure).

As Snyder has promised, the new release will bring several new character arcs, including the full Cyborg story and the introduction of Iris West (Kiersey Clemons) to the DCEU.

Until then, it’s worth remembering that Snyder Cut is set to debut in 2021, on HBO Max.

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