‘Zatanna’: Heroine movie will have Oscar nominated screenwriter for ‘Beautiful Vengeance’

The solo adaptation of the heroine “Zatanna” is taking shape and has hired its screenwriter.

Oscar nominee Emerald Fennell for “Beautiful Vengeance” was hired to write the screenplay.

JJ Abrams produced by Bad Robot Productions.

At an internal event hosted by Warner Bros. the official production logo has been released.

The brand appears surrounded by other official logos of other film and television projects already in development or even ready, such as “The Batman”, “Supergirl” and “Aquaman 2”.


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For those who don’t know, Zatanna is a witch who inherited her powers from her parents, John Zatara and Sindella, descendants of the homo magi race.

Among her primary skills, she is able to conjure magic, materialize objects with thought, teleport, heal wounds, and manipulate time and space.

The character was once part of the Dark Justice League alongside John Constantine, until she was invited as an honorary member of the original Justice League.

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