Zootopia, the acclaimed Disney animation, turns five; Discover 10 curiosities about production!

In 2016, Walt Disney Studios released one of the most acclaimed animations of its cinematic empire – the adored and flawless “Zootopia – This City is the Animal”.

The story transported us to an alternate reality in which animals had evolved to become totally rational beings, living peacefully in society and leaving behind the barbarism of the prey-predator organization of “medieval times”. Bringing Judy Hopps (Ginnifer Goodwin) into the spotlight, a cop bunny who decides to protect the weak and fight the evil lurking in the world, the narrative focuses on the titular city and the mysteries and conspiracies lurking within. its magnificent grandeur.

Disillusioned with the job, Judy crosses paths with con artist Nick Wilde (Jason Bateman), a red fox who becomes her partner and, in the future, a close friend, to find out why predators are returning to their state. primitive.

The animation, whether for its technique, messages and even the chemistry between the characters, has been applauded by expert critics and audiences alike, winning numerous awards – including an Oscar, a Golden Globe, an Annie Award and a Critics’ Choice Award.

To celebrate the recent five-year anniversary since making its debut in Brazilian theaters (and remembering that the next spinoff series is coming to Disney + soon), CinePOP has separated a brief list of ten curiosities about the film.



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Originally, the feature film would focus on the charming and flirtatious Nick Wilde. However, after audience tests showed the audience was unable to connect with him emotionally, the story was changed and redirected to Judy Hopps, who had fallen into popular liking.


On her train trip to Zootopia, before Judy played to listen to pop star Gazelle (voiced by Shakira), other artists included in her playlist include: The Beagles, Hyena Gomez, Kanine West, Catty Perry, Ewe 2 and others. They all refer to iconic singers and world famous bands (The Beatles, Selena Gomez, Kanye West, Katy Perry and U2 respectively).


Deputy villains Woolter and Jesse were inspired by Walter and Jesse, the two main characters in the famous “Breaking Bad” drama series. In addition to the costumes and the way of acting, even the hiding place of the sheep resembles that of the traffickers.


In early drafts of the script, Nick would be the son of a tailor, so he would always dress in a suit and tie – while his friend, Finnick, wore the Hawaiian shirt. With the change in narrative focus, not only was Finnick’s role drastically overhauled, but Nick was given the outfit to make him more relaxed and lazy.

Several fans have speculated that Judy Hopps would refer to Judy Hoffs (Holly Robinson Peete), one of the main characters in the series “ Angels of the Law ” (1987). In addition to very similar names, both are also bailiffs who face discrimination in the workplace. According to the director of the film, Byron Howard, this is a “hilarious and incredible coincidence.”


“Zootopia” is Walt Disney’s sixth feature film that does not feature any human characters. The animation is preceded by the titles: “Bambi” (1942), “Robin des Bois” (1973), “The Lion King” (1994), “Dinosaur” (2000) and “O Little Chicken Little” (2005).


When Judy Hopps gets a job at Zootopia, she soon becomes part of the police station commanded by Chief Bogo, an African buffalo who was voiced by none other than Idris Elba. However, before Elba played the character, the role was offered to Benedict Cumberbatch (who starred in “ Doctor Strange ” the same year).


At the end of the film, when Chief Bogo gives his agents missions, a well-known popular saying comes to life: when asked to disguise himself, one of the officers, who is a wolf, disguises himself as a sheep. – alluding to the expression “a wolf in sheep’s clothing”, a care commission to be trusted.


The animation team decided to paint Judy’s eyes purple because of the rest of her hair, which was gray and made her look very monotonous for a main character. Purple was chosen to represent her energetic and upbeat personality.


Judy’s two insufferable neighbors, who constantly tell each other to shut up, refer to the infamous “shut up, little man” recordings. The tapes were a pre-internet viral sensation, in which two roommates captured their neighbors’ audios and ultimately always ended the recordings saying to each other to shut up.

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